Way to cook without onions

No onions in the house? So what! Without this spice, you can make indigenous flavoring terms with other ingredients in the room. The question may come to mind; would it be delicious to cook without onions? Of course, it is necessary to know the right strategy.
* You can cook in olive oil instead of soybean oil. This oil will add taste to the food.

* Instead of onions, you can use papaya pest to thicken the meat or fish curry. It will remove the strong odor of fish-meat and thicken the dish.

* The use of tomato butter in cooking will easily make any meal delicious.

* Use more garlic without using onions. The boiling of garlic and dried pepper in hot oil creates a wonderful aroma. Pulses or different types of fries can be made this way.

* Instead of onion, using spring onion or onion kali in cooking, the taste and smell of onion can be obtained in the vegetables.


* Instead of onion you can use bell paper or capsicum. Capsicum will enhance the taste of foods. The flavors and smells of capsicum in fish or meat broth are great.