Fake NID-license made in Rohingya camp, 5 arrested

Armed Police Battalion (APBN) arrested 5 people from Ukhia Rohingya camp in Cox’s Bazar with fake National Identity Card (NID), driving license and various fake certificates and tools for making these.
They were arrested from the residence of a Rohingya named Abdullah in Ukhia Lambashia Camp No. 1 at around 7 pm on Wednesday. Arrested are, Md. Abdullah (37), Abul Khair (18), Md. Ismail (45), Md. Talha (60) and Md. Aaron (36).


Additional Superintendent of Police of 8 Armed Police Kamran Hossain confirmed the arrest.

He said that the detainees were making fake NID cards, driving licenses and various types of fake certificates in a short period of time in exchange of huge amount of money in the homes of Rohingyas. We increase intelligence surveillance by receiving information about the creation of such fake certificates and IDs.

Later on Wednesday, we were able to arrest five members of this gang. He said that four laptops, eight smartphones, four pen drives, two scanner-printers and check books along with a large amount of fake NID, driving license and various fake certificates were seized.


He also said that a case has been filed against the arrested. They initially admitted that for a long time they had made huge sums of money by illegally producing fake Bangladeshi national identity cards, birth registrations and passports for ordinary Rohingyas.