Envoy: Turkey with Bangladesh in dealing with Rohingya crisis

Bangladesh is hosting over a million Rohingyas in Cox’s Bazar camps

Turkish Ambassador to Bangladesh Mustafa Osman Turan has reiterated his country’s continued support to the government of Bangladesh over the Rohingya issue.

The ambassador made the assurance while paying a two-day visit to Cox’s Bazar to meet new RRRC Shah Rezwan Hayat and Deputy Commissioner Md Kamal Hossain.

During the meetings with the RRRC and DC, both sides agreed to intensify their dialogue and collaboration to deal with this ongoing humanitarian crisis.

The envoy also observed the ongoing activities of humanitarian organisations of the Turkish government, namely TIKA, AFAD, Turkish Diyanet Foundation and Turkish Red Crescent.

He visited a field hospital, jointly run by AFAD and Turkish Ministry of Health, which provides medical treatment to over 1000 patients both from the Rohingya and host communities daily.

Ambassador Turan discussed with the officials of UNHCR, RRRC and CIC of Camp-9, regarding the extension of the area allocated for the operations of the hospital.


During his visit, the Turkish Ambassador distributed micro-agriculture sets, met with Rohingya children in a playground and visited a multipurpose skills development centre, all of which have been implemented by TIKA.

He also received information about the humanitarian assistance projects such as community centres and health posts of Turkish Red Crescent, soap production and sewing ateliers of Turkish Diyanet Foundation.

Turkey was one of the first countries to establish a presence in the Rohingya camps to deliver much needed humanitarian assistance since 2017, said the Turkish Embassy.

Some of the Turkish agencies and NGOs have been operating in Bangladesh even before the crisis to support the implementation of the priorities set by the government of Bangladesh, it said.


Bangladesh is hosting over a million Rohingyas in Cox’s Bazar camps. Turkey has also been providing assistance to host communities in Cox’s Bazar