Asia’s most costly cricket stadium to be built in Bangladesh!

The most expensive cricket stadium of Asia costing $ 140 million is being developed in Bangladesh. The government has already allocated 37 acres of land for the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) to build the boat-shaped stadium named Sheikh Hasina International Cricket Stadium in Purbachal.

The construction of the stadium started in 2018 is expected to finish by 2022.

Design of Sheikh Hasina International Cricket Stadium

The estimated cost to build the stadium is $ 140 million. After completion, Sheikh Hasina International Stadium Complex will be the second-largest stadium in Asia in terms of seat capacity and the most expensive cricket stadium. At first, the capacity will be about 50,000 spectators that will be increased to one lakh later.


Sheikh Hasina International Cricket Stadium- from a side

The stadium will contain a five-star hotel, swimming pool, gym, pavilion and media center with an estimated cost of tk 60 crore. The three-storeyed spectators’ seating area will be built at a cost of around tk 1100 crore as well as an Outer Stadium will also be constructed at a cost of tk 37 crore including a cricket academy there.


From above, the design of Sheikh Hasina International Cricket Stadium

The headquarters of Bangladesh Cricket Board will also be shifted there. At present, the largest stadium in the country is Bangabandhu National Stadium with a capacity of 36,000 spectators.


Australia’s Melbourne Cricket Stadium is currently the world’s largest cricket stadium with a capacity of one lakh spectators having 171 meters in length and 146 meters in width.