UN official missing in Cox’s Bazar

  Solaiman Mulata, a UN official in Cox’s Bazar, has been missing for the past three days. He is also the UN Security Council officer of UN refugee agency UNHCR. Solaiman Mulatta lived in a residential hotel in Meghalaya, in Caltan Bazar, Cox’s Bazar. He did not return after leaving for Rohingya camp on Monday. On behalf of UNESCR, Cox’s Bazar Sadar Police Station has been informed about his disappearance.

UNHCR Cox’s Bazar official Iftekhar Uddin Bayezid confirmed the information. He said the police have been informed of the disappearance of Solaiman Mulata. Police are seriously investigating the matter.

Cox’s Bazar Additional Superintendent of Police, Ruhul Huq Tutul acknowledged the allegation.

He said, received a complaint of finding the UNHCR official. The police team trying to find Solaiman Mullata


Hotel Meghalaya sources said UNHCR’s security officer Suoliman Mulata left the hotel to go to the Rohingya camp in the evening on 30 July (Monday). Every day he returned to the hotel after work, but he did not return from Monday. The matter was informed by the UNHCR authority on behalf of the hotel.