Ukhiya -Teknaf 3G, 4G off, locals in suffering

safiul islam azad::
Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has stopped 3G service at Rohingya camp in Ukhiya-Teknaf area of ​​Cox’s Bazar. But in addition to the Rohingya camps, network companies stopped 3G-forgery services in the two upazilas. It has been alleged that locals have been disturbed by the network for the past six days. Such information was reported on Friday at various places in Ukiah.

It was reported that at 9pm on Monday, the BTRC sent instructions to stop all 3G mobile phones operators in the Ukhiya-Teknaf Rohingya camp area. According to the directives, on Tuesday, the Rohingya camp area shut down 3G and Fourji mobile data in the adjoining areas.

The BTRC, meanwhile, decided to shut down the 3G and Forgei camps at Ukhia-Teknaf Rohingya camp from 8pm to 5pm after a meeting with operators on September 2 last. In the BTRC letter, the Rohingya instructed the operators not to get mobile phone service.

Nurul Bashar, a media activist in the local Palangkhali area, alleged that they had been deprived of 3G service for all network companies since Tuesday. We have suffered so much because of Rohingya that we are making it a new irony.’s editor Obaidul Haque Chowdhury complained that, for the past 3 days, I could not give the news updates as there was no 3G network for any network company. He also said he was facing various problems.

Rohingya-dominated area Palangkhali UP chairman M Gafur Uddin Chowdhury said, “There has been no 3G-Fourji network in my area since Tuesday morning.” As a result, the locals have been suffering from various problems besides being deprived of important data.
Head of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs of the network company Robi Axiata Limited, Shaheed Alam said, “From BTRC, we have been told to stop 3G-forgery at Ukhia-Teknaf.” (Geography) Geographically, Robi’s 3G-Fourji network has been closed at all places including the camp area near the Rohingya and locals living in these two upazilas.


Ukhia Upazila Executive Officer Md. Nikaruzzaman Chowdhury said the letter sent from the BTRC had called for the closure of the 3G-forgery service at the Rohingya camp. But network companies say the Ukhria-Teknaf is asking the BTRC to shut down the entire area network. However, I have not received any such instructions yet.