Ukhiya is at risk of Corona virus

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Upazila chairman Hamidul Haque Chowdhury said there was a need to improve the quality of health services in Ukhiya as a Rohingya designated area, as there are about 8 lakh Rohingya residents. That’s where the Rohingya
Excluding excreta there has been a severe deterioration of the environment. So here’s the Corona virus.

At the forefront of this concern is the health of NGOs
Agreed toilet, safe food must be worked on water. He said
NGOs are looting billions of foreign donor companies by doing their will, breaking the host community’s name.

So at the present time where he should allocate 25% for the host community, he should use the 25% due diligence and arrange for the local people to improve their health care.

He said this at a meeting to inform the implementation of the wash program project at the Upazila Parishad conference room around 9am on Monday.

Dr Mizan, a medical officer at Ukhia Health Center, said there was a possibility that he would be infected with the Corona virus in Ukhia. Since China
Myanmar on the border, Bangladesh on the Myanmar border, so the Rohingya are regularly coming to Myanmar, so the Corona virus can be infected.

However, no preventative drug has been obtained at Ukhiya Hospital so far to prevent the Corona virus. He urged all to stay clean at regular intervals as soon as they enter the house and advise them to keep their hands clean with soap. At the time of his departure, he uses masks on his face to perform daily tasks.


Presiding at the seminar organized by the NGO Forum, Upazila Executive Officer Nikaruzzaman Chowdhury was the team leader of the NGO Forum, Manzoor Morshed, consultant Sajeda Begum, health engineer Al Amin, project manager and Moshem Aishim Hosseh of the incident.