Three family is in lockdown at Palangkhali in Ukhiya

Three families have been locked down in Ukiah. Union Council sources confirmed the information.

It is reported that Gura Mia, son of Tayam Golam, a resident of Rahmatarbil village of Palangkhali union, was under treatment for one year in Dhaka Breastfeeding Hospital due to physical illness. Upon arriving at his home from Dhaka on April 7, the Palangkhali Union Parishad sent them home quarantine for the next 3 days and a quarantine sticker was attached with a red flag to his home.

Likewise, Afzal Hussain, son of Ashraf Ali, a teacher of AljamiAtul Islamia Madinatul Ulum Madrasa, a resident of Churakhola village of the union, has been confirmed as a home quarantine. A red flag hoisting and quarantine sticker was also installed in her house. He has returned to his home from Narayanganj a few days ago.

On the other hand, Feroz Kamal, son of Nur Alam, a resident of West Palangkhali village, has been kept in quarantine as he comes from Ramu. Quarantine stickers were also raised with red flags at his house.

In order to maintain social distance while in lockdown, arrangements have been made to send the sack of rice and necessary raw market to their home. Gafur Uddin confirmed. “We have requested them to observe the home quarantine properly,” he said. I advise people in the neighborhood not to panic. ‘


Chairman Coroner said he was guarding the night to save Elka from corona infection. Gafur Uddin Chowdhury. “Since yesterday, a person with coronas has been identified in the sleepy union near the border,” he said. So the guard is kept awake at night so that no one can come to the couch or drive by car.