The next Teknaf will be known in the tourist city, not in drugs: OC Pradeep

Osman Abir:
Teknaf is a border upazila in the southernmost part of Cox’s Bazar district in Bangladesh. It is bounded on the south-west by the Bay of Bengal, on the east by the Naf River and Myanmar, and on the north by high hills. There are immense natural beauty and historical places of interest for tourists. Teknaf claims to be independent from other upazilas of the country in terms of wealth and tradition.

But the yellow-pink catastrophic yaba has become a barrier for tourists by fading the historical sights and natural beauty. As a result, Teknaf has become a city of terror as opposed to a tourist city. The government is deprived of tourism sector income. Yaba destroys the whole country including Teknaf And the youth society. At one stage, the law enforcement forces became strict when it took a terrible shape. During drug trafficking, many drug dealers, big and small, were killed in gunfights with the law enforcement agencies at different times. Many were arrested. Even then, drug trafficking did not stop. More control has come. Soon the deadly drug called yaba will be eradicated from Teknaf.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Teknaf Model Police Station Pradeep Kumar Das said, “Once the people of Teknaf were disturbed by the smell of yaba. People used to smell yaba on their bodies.” However, in a strict operation by the law enforcement agencies, about 90 percent of the yaba business has been eradicated from Teknaf. This Teknaf will be drug free soon. Therefore, besides the operation by the police administration, the beauty has been enhanced by planting flower saplings in the municipal town of Teknaf and in the well premises of the historical Mathin. The next Teknaf will be known.

Local conscious people said that even when tourists came to Cox’s Bazar for the notoriety of drugs, they did not leave Teknaf. However, if you go to Teknaf, you can see the Naf River originating from the Bay of Bengal flowing through the villages of Bangladesh and Myanmar. The melody of which will enchant the tourists.

In Teknaf, you can also see the historical Mathin Koop, Jalil Dia, Netong Pahar, Noakhali’s Jharna Shah Pari Island’s historic Gholar Chad, Sabrang Exclusive Tourism Park, sunrise and sunset views, white sand glittering beaches, fishermen’s fishing. There are also arrangements to stay at various hotels along the beach to see the view. If you go to Teknaf beach, you can see the amazing view of red crabs, snails, oysters and fishermen fishing.

If you go to Teknaf Model Police Station, you can see the historical Mathin well located in the premises of the police quarters. This well is a witness to the intense love of Mathin, the only daughter of Teknaf zamindar Wanthin, with Kolkata police officer Dhiraj Bhattacharjee. If you go to Netong hill, two kilometers away from the city, you can see a variety of green trees. This hill has elephants, deer, monkeys, hutum owls, mountain chickens, peacocks, fish, tigers and some other species of animals and waterfalls. When you reach the top, you can see the Naf River and the rows of mountains in Myanmar.


From the top of the Netong hill, you can see the Jalil in the middle of the Naf River. At present, a special tourist area is being set up for foreign tourists. The last frontier of Teknaf is the island of Shah Pari, known as Gholar Char. It is believed that the number of foreign tourists will increase manifold after the completion of Sabrang Exclusive Tourism Park and Diya Naf Exclusive Tourism Park in Jalil. If practical steps and attention are drawn, on the one hand, huge amount of foreign currency will be deposited in the government treasury and on the other hand, new horizons of tourists will be opened.