Tension between Bangladesh, Myanmar similar to domestic conflict

China wants Myanmar to stop further violence in Rakhine state and prompt repatriation of the Rohingyas now living in Bangladesh, Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Li Jiming said today.

Stating that Myanmar and Bangladesh are both good friends of China, Liming said his country wants more dialogue and negotiation between the two countries instead of the pressure coming from western countries.

The Chinese envoy was speaking at the Diplomatic Correspondents’ Association of Bangladesh (DCAB) at National Press Club.

He said Myanmar has been under pressures from western countries for many years and the nation doesn’t want such pressure.

Li Jiming compared the tension between Bangladesh and Myanmar to domestic conflict. “If the couple goes to a third party, the problem is not solved,” he added.

He, however, said he does not want to make any comment on the rulings of the International Court of Justice.


sc: thedailystar