Statement from Community Partners International in response to inaccurate information in the Bangladesh media

Statement from Community Partners International in response to inaccurate information in the Bangladesh media

Community Partners International (CPI) is issuing this statement in response to inaccurate
information about CPI published by some media outlets in Bangladesh over the last few months.
CPI’s organizational status and humanitarian activities in Bangladesh: Since November
2017, CPI has operated as a donor organization in partnership with Bangladeshi organizations to
implement humanitarian programs for Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN) and host
communities in Cox’s Bazar. Through our support to these organizations, we are helping FDMN
and host communities to access health services, gender-based violence prevention, clean water,
sanitation and hygiene, and clean energy solutions. These activities have been carried out with
FD7 approval and full clearance from the NGO Affairs Bureau.
CPI is not a “Myanmar NGO”. CPI is a U.S. nonprofit organization that has worked for more than
20 years to support communities in Asia affected by conflict, violence, and displacement, in
remote and hard-to-reach contexts, and marginalized through poverty and exclusion, to meet
their essential health, humanitarian and development needs.
CPI started preparing for registration in Bangladesh in November 2017, and formally submitted
an application for FD1 registration to the NGO Affairs Bureau in Bangladesh in May 2018. Like
many other international humanitarian organizations responding to the refugee crisis, we
continue to move through the registration process in cooperation with the relevant agencies of
the Government of Bangladesh.

Abiding by humanitarian principles: CPI operates according to the humanitarian principles of
humanity, neutrality, impartiality and operational independence. As humanitarian actors, we
remain neutral and impartial. Our support is provided on the basis of need alone, making no
distinctions on the basis of nationality, race, gender, religious belief, class or political opinions.

FDMN returns: We share and support the position of the Government of Bangladesh and UN
agencies that the repatriation of FDMN to Myanmar should be safe, dignified, voluntary, and
sustainable, when conditions there are conducive to do so.
CPI remains dedicated to continuing our support to FDMN and host communities in Cox’s Bazar
in compliance with the Government of Bangladesh and in partnership with local and
international organizations.

Community Partners International


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