RRRC wants to oversee NGOs working in Rohingya camps

The move is intended to ensure proper benefits for stakeholders with transparency and accountability, says RRRC Talukder

The office of the Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner (RRRC), the government body based in Cox’s Bazar to deal with the Rohingya issue, wants sole responsibility to administer the NGOs working in 34 camps inhabited by the persecuted people from Myanmar, multiple sources concerned have told Dhaka Tribune.

They also said that RRRC Mahbub Alam Talukder had written to the NGO Affairs Bureau under the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in June seeking control over the NGOs.

At present, the NGOs are controlled by the deputy commissioner and local administration, they added.

RRRC Takukder acknowledged the dispatch of such a letter, but refused to acknowledge that his office wanted to control the NGOs.

He asserted that the move was to ensure that benefits reached the right people and transparency and accountability were ensured.

According to sources, the RRRC, which is under the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief and in charge of all the 34 camps, wrote a letter to the NGO Affairs Bureau stating that the current methods of directives, supervision and certification by the district and local administration with respect to projects in the Rohingya settlements were not consistent with the ground reality.

The letter stated that the present governance mode created difficulties and delayed the implementation of the project.

Therefore, the relevant rule should be amended, it said.

The NGO Affairs Bureau has already sent the proposal to the PMO for directives, said the sources, adding that the PMO was yet to get back to the bureau.

“Yes, I have written such a letter. But, I am yet to get a reply from the NGO Affairs Bureau,” Talukder, an additional secretary of the Ministry of Disaster and Relief, told this correspondent on Thursday.

“This has nothing to do with control. This is all about ensuring that proper stakeholders are getting the benefits they deserve, and upholding transparency and accountability,” he said.


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