Rohingyas rally allowed: CIC Powell withdrawn

The Ministry of Public Administration has dismissed Shamul Haque Powell, the in-charge (CIC) of the Kutupalong X-4 camp, for allowing a rally at Rohingya camp in Ukiah, Cox’s Bazar.

The Deputy Commissioner of Cox’s Bazar on Monday (September 2) at 2pm. Kamal Hossain confirmed the information.

However, he could not confirm why Shamul Haque Powell was withdrawn.

Multiple sources at the Relief and Repatriation Commission say he was withdrawn because of allowing the Rohingyas to convene. He was in charge of the camp where the gathering took place.

However, the refugee relief and repatriation commissioner. Abul Kalam said, ‘This is a general matter. This decision has been made due to change. ‘

It is to be noted that on August 29, Rohingya leader Muhib Ullah called on the General Assembly for two years on the Rohingya crisis. According to the announcement, about 5 lakh Rohingya were assembled at the meeting.


It was then said that no permission was given by the government on the rally. But Rohingya leaders claimed they had obtained permission from the CIC through a written application.