Rohingyas desperate to settle down camps

Humayun Kabir Jushan ::
The illegal tactics roamed in search of work outside the camp, Rohingya roaming around different parts of the country including Cox’s Bazar to build a permanent address. Working as a resident of the city and village, the Rohingya children are being given the job girls’ Besides, Rohingya youths are getting married without the kabin, in order to get permanent address. Bangladeshi youths are being married without the cabin. Similarly, Rohingya youths are choosing marriage to get rid of the small jhupdi house. Rohingyas are illegal with Bangladeshi youth but they want to ensure a permanent refuge site Rohingya wants to ensure Rohingya So even though there is no legal basis, a socially strong bond like marriage is being illegally bound to some Bangladeshi and Rohingya. If this work continues, law enforcing agencies and people of different types of occupation, think that the social and family structure of the Cox’s Bazar region will have negative implications. Advocate Abdur Rahim said that there is a need to look at the importance of getting married to the Rohingyas. Recent Rohingya youths have secretly married. The actual number is not revealed because there is no chance of being a cabin. But it will get a terrible shape if it is not stopped. According to sources, many Rohingyas who came to Bangladesh several times before the 25 August last year have already made national certificates of marriage. With this certificate some people have also passed Bangladeshi passports in their own name. But even though they were born in Myanmar, they are now being recognized as citizens here. The issue is causing many complications, said Ujhia Palangkhali Union chairman Gafur Uddin Chowdhury. He said, due to the arrival of the Rohingya, we have suffered a lot, and will be. No one can say that it has any other benefit than showing humanity. Meanwhile, Rohingya women have been suing women and children under torture laws without suing family law because there is no marriage cabins. There are many such cases in the women and children repression courts, which are made by Rohingya. Many Bangladeshi youths are now marrying young Rohingya women and going inside the camp. Miriam (Chhnnamam) of Mukhtar Sadar Moulvi Para village told the reporter that I was married 12 years ago. We have three daughters and one son in our world. A Rohingya girl has set fire to our happiness. By marrying the Rohingya girl illegally, my husband tied a new house on the edge of the hill. The husband has been torturing me occasionally from my house at home. For a few months we have not spent any money, we have lived with four children. Meanwhile many Rohingya children are being taken to different districts including Cox’s Bazar as a work force. Often, they have their parents’ consent. Oakhia Police Station OC Abul Khair said, despite the strict monitoring of the administration, such activity is being done. Rohingyaas can not be married as they can not be married to anyone. There are some events happening even after such a government announcement.