Rohingyas are selling out free medicines outside
Burmese Rohingyas from Myanmar’s Rakhine State blamed the NGOs for accusing them of making false allegations. NGO workers in Rohingya patients, who are camping in different camps, are accused of irregularities in medical service. But in addition to the government medical team, doctors and staff of NGOs are engaged in the medical service of Rohingyas in the night. There is enough drug stock for Rohingya patients. They are providing adequate medicines to the disease ratio. However, it is known that the free medicines are selling out of Rohingya outside the cash.
According to sources, the Rohingyas say that doctors are not getting any attention from the Rohingyas in connection with the death of one Rohingya in Kutupalong camp, which can not be found from the doctors. The Rohingyas are currently undergoing treatment in the camp. Although people of different NGOs collect funds by the name of Rohingyas, they are not helping the Rohingyas. Many Rohingya spend their own money outside, showing private doctors and buying medicines. On the other hand, the local residents said that Rohingyas have been selling free medicines taken from different medical centers outside of cash. Going into different blocks of sheltered camp, one of the class-medicines and buyers bought them for sale. A drug buyer told that, in some places (in the sheltered room), the drug was called in the mobile phone. Let’s go there and take these medicines. Rohingya women are happy to get money from selling various types of drugs.
Locals said that as long as the Rohingyas get good food, extra relief and cash, there is enough happiness among the Rohingyas. They are disturbed when their own interests are in jeopardy. They have never been able to express gratitude till now. In September last year, after the Rohingya infestation intrusion, government doctors brought out from outside the district except Cox’s Bazar to serve Rohingya. Medical services are being provided to those Rohingya patients, who have been taken with the help of Myanmar, are suffering from AIDS and Diphtheria. After visiting the hospital, it was found that doctors from the center of the heart of the Rohingya women and men are being rendered relentlessly from morning to evening every medical center. Doctors and nurses are struggling to provide medical treatment to Rohingyas. However, the Rohingyas do not feel grateful, the doctors concerned in the medical service said. He said Rohingyas did not take the vaccine against infectious diseases such as measles, tuberculosis and diphtheria. For this reason, Diphtheria disease has returned to Rohingyas by Ukhia Teknaf. However, the government has brought the Rohingya people under vaccine and vaccinated the disease.
A physician working in the Rohingya camp said that from the morning till noon, I do the duties without any fraud. Regarding the Rohingyas’ disease, the condition of eating sweat is like the condition of head sweating. The Rohingya medical services are being provided regularly from the human perspective. Even on the day of the closing, the camp’s various medical centers are open. If the doctor who is in charge of the center thinks of a better treatment for a patient, he / she is being sent to Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong for special treatment. The patient’s search is also kept. Even then Rohingya say they do not get treatment. He said, waiting for the time that the calamity would leave the country.
Complaints have been found that despite being a patient, the Rohingyas go to the medical center and talk to the false doctors of the disease and sell them with medicines and to the rural doctors. Many Rohingyas inexplicable inexplicable from Myanmar doctors opened a drug store in Teknaf and Ukhia camps. They are sending some Rohingyas to the medical center by speaking of false disease. They are selling various types of drugs and are selling them in the fake doctor’s chamber. Autonomous Rohingya doctors are selling at least prices and selling these medicines again in various pharmacy. In this way, Rohingyas earn money by selling relief materials and medicines. The Rohingya government and NGO organizations continue to suffer from the Rohingyas, but Rohingya is not doing well.
In the Rohingya camp, the number of HIV / AIDS patients has increased to 245. Of those 245 victims, 124 were male, 84 were boys, boys 19 and daughter-in-law 17.
Two of the victims have already died. On condition of anonymity, a physician said, “AIDS patients are being found continuously in the Rohingya camp. He said that the number of Rohingyas living with HIV or AIDS among 11 lakh Rohingyas who have taken shelter in Bangladesh can increase further. Rohingyas identified with HIV or AIDS patients are not having problems in medical management. They are being treated in special arrangements, he said.