Rohingya hands 5 lakh fake registration mobile SIM

Rohingya are using mobile phones freely in a shelter camp in Cox’s Bazar. By registering the SIM with locals’ national identity card, a class of shopkeepers hand it over to them. And many have been accused of criminal acts using these SIMs. The administration says that action is being taken against these SIMs soon.

TV Center area of ​​Kutupalong camp in Ukhia. Mobile phones in the hands of everyone in this complex of Rohingya. Multiple sets have also been seen in one’s hands. The Rohingyas have been banned from using mobile phones since the beginning of the infiltration, but they are not complying.

They do not have the opportunity to register their mobile phone SIM as there is no national identity card. Although these rules are not known, the Rohingya have said that they will get the SIM from the local market freely.

One resident said that when we first came across the river from Myanmar, we bought the SIM from the local market. I bought it from a shop in Shahpuri Island. No paper needed. These numbers are also available to camp officials. They call if needed.

Another resident said mobile phones are very important here. Suppose there was a problem with this mountain. We know about it all on the mobile phone. That’s how we keep relatives here. No one stopped.

As a law firm, there are more than five lakh SIMs of Bangladeshi mobile phone operators in Rohingya camps. Locals allege that many Rohingya have been involved in crime using these phones.

The administration says several mobile courts have been set up to stop the use of illegal mobile SIMs in Rohingya camps, which are still ongoing. Even then, a separate initiative is being taken to not completely stop it.


Security analysts say the crime will be easier to control if the Rohingya are given a SIM by registering with a registration card.