No one can return without ransom!

Farhad Amin, Teknaf ::
The hills next to the Rohingya refugee camp in Ukhiya Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar, have now become a haven for terrorists of this Myanmar community.
Locals say at least 12 Rohingya terrorist groups are active around the mountain involving in various crimes including murder, kidnapping, extortion, robbery. Locals of Teknaf, including Rohingya, are also being persecuted by these terror groups.

Around 1.1 million Rohingya are now living in 32 shelter camps in Ukhia, Teknaf. Of these — 25 Rohingya camps are in Ukhia and 7 are in Teknaf, especially located near the high mountains. As a result, the Rohingya terrorist groups have chosen these mountains as terror camps.

Md Kashem, a resident of Shalbagan Rohingya Refugee Camp in Teknaf, said: “There are many terrorist groups located at the mountains beside 26 and 27 no. camps. They sometimes came to the camp and kidnap the Rohingyas. Then the helpless Rohingya got rid of them with ransom. Without the ransom, none of the Rohingya returned safely.”

We have reports of terrorist groups being active, said Cox’s Bazar SP Mohammad Iqbal Hossain. “Law enforcers are working to maintain peace in the Rohingya camps. Police will not exempt anyone whether they are Rohingya or local terrorists. Police drives are underway to arrest terrorists.”


Earlier on Monday, seven robbers were killed in a gunfight with RAB on the hill adjacent to the Mochni and Jadimora Rohinga camps of the upazila. They all were the members of the Rohingya terrorist group ‘Jokey Group’, according to RAB. Earlier, on December 30, another member of the same group named Ilias was killed in a gunfight with RAB.