Mobile voice facility to be improved for Rohingyas

The government has taken a decision to increase security and condition of Rohingya camps. A recommendation was made to improve voice facility in Cox’s Bazar. This decision was taken last week at the national task force meeting, involving relevant ministries, UN bodies, local and foreign NGOs plus representatives of local administration.
At the meet it was decided that to ramp up security of the camps, work will soon begin to construct barbed wires and to employ volunteers to clean garbage inside the camp.
One official present at the meet said: “considering the overall situation, we have decided to improve the condition of the camp.”
Barbed wire will be put up for security, volunteers will be employed to collect garbage, he said adding: “since the limiting of mobile network in Cox’s Bazar, the usage of SIM cards from Myanmar has risen alarmingly and this is a threat to our security.”
Recommendation has been made to improve facility of the voice service.
Relevant to note that to improve the lifestyle of Rohingyas, the government wants to transfer 1 lakh Rohingyas to Bhashanchar but the UN opposes this plan. Work has begun to provide help to Rohingyas for 2018 and 2019.
A foreign ministry official says: “We have informed the UN the features of the JRP, Joint Response Plan, for the coming year and also informed that without the essentials, our contribution to the fund will fall.”
In the JRP, Rohingyas cannot be termed refugees; it will contain a detailed description of Bangladesh’s support to Rohingyas, the sectors receiving help and other issues relating to repatriation plus the transfer to Bhashan Char.
The UN expenses will also be mentioned in detail in the JRP, the official added.


sc: banglatribune