Medical treatment at the MSF Hospital did not match the death of Khalilur

Khalilur is not a stain criminal. One offense, he is a Bangladeshi. For the crime of being a Bangladeshi, he did not get treatment at the exact moment before his death. The relatives knew that Khalilur’s time was no more. So, to save him, he went to the doctor’s feet to pray for some reason, but the doctor’s heart did not cry. Finally, without going to the medical center, Khalilur crossed the distance.

The incident has never happened outside of Bangladesh. Such a brutal incident happened in Kutupalong area of ​​Ukhia upazila of Cox’s Bazar. There has been a lot of reactions in social media on Facebook.

The accused doctor

Khalilur Rahman’s full name is Khalilur Rahman (40). He is the son of Mir Kashem of Purbapara village of Kutupalong village.

According to local sources, on Friday (July 27th), when she was going to her sister’s house at 8pm, she was stranded in the ground on the eastpara road near Kutupalong Bazar and she got stuck in the ground. He was then taken to the MSF Hospital adjacent to the local Kutupalong Bazar. In the meantime, the duty doctor at the hospital did not give him any treatment and asked him questions about his life. After knowing Khalilur being a Bangladeshi citizen at one stage, the doctor refused to give immediate treatment. The doctor who refused to give medical treatment to Khalilur even after pleading for nearly half an hour. At one stage, everyone was thrown out of the hospital.

Finally, Khalilur Rahman’s relatives and locals present at the request of the MSF ambulance to take him (Khalilur) to the Ukhia Upazila Health Complex. But “no Bangladeshi citizen is given medical or other services in MSF hospital”, the duty doctor said.

After the autorickshaw (CNG), on the way to Ukhia Upazila Health Complex, Khalilur Rahman fell into the house of autorickshaw at 9pm.

Khalilur Rahman’s younger brother Zafar Alam said, along with the stroke, they were taken to the adjacent MSF (Holland) hospital. At that time a doctor named Zia was in charge of MSF Hospital. He (Dr. Zia) thinks of us as Rohingya first and took us to the emergency department. Later, before starting the treatment, you want to know whether Khalilur is Rohingya. After knowing about Khalilur being a Bangladeshi citizen, the doctor refused to do the treatment. After many plea, we could not agree. At one point, breathing difficulties and injuries were promptly requested for help. But the doctor did not give the oxygenate to the doctor.

He also said that, after expelling MSF from hospital, they requested to give them (MSF) ambulance to take them to Ukhia Upazila Health Complex. But they did not agree. Later, Khalilur died before reaching the hospital. His brother did not receive treatment for being a Bangladeshi. Due to lack of immediate medical treatment, he had to die intensely in front of the eye (Khalilur). What kind of cruelty is this?

Jafar Alam said, “We want justice for our brother. I want to hang on the name of the doctor, “he said.

Meanwhile, Khalilur Rahman’s death was shared by the social media on Facebook, a local person named Helal Uddin. In the Facebook status, he wrote, “Khalilur Rahman, son of Mir Kashem, the father of Kutupalong village of Kutupalong village died in Kutupalong MSF Hospital. Khalilur Rahman (40) was stroke Friday night. Immediately, when his relatives took him to Kutupalong MSF Hospital, doctor Zia treated poor patients with timely treatment of patients. Even the patient was not given up to oxygen. That Dr. Zia Rohingya or Bangladeshi asked. When the relatives of Khalilur Rahman said Bangladeshi, doctors at the duty doctor did not receive treatment and asked to go to Cox’s Bazar. When the patient’s condition deteriorates, the patient’s relatives refused to give MSF ambulance if they wanted. Later, Khililur Rahman died in a car when he was brought to Ukhiya Hospital in CNG by CNG. Who will take responsibility for this premature death? And can MSF hospitals avoid liability? ”

Facebook users responded positively to this status. These responses are highlighted for some readers. Tanvir Shahriar has made a comment, ‘If a lot of doctors do not take action against them, a tough movement will be given.’

Rafiqul Islam Raysul wrote, “One thing is done by brother. Give me a Rohingya certificate. We were born in Ukhia Teknaf. ”

Maulana Amjad Hossain writes, “If the local Bangladeshis of Rohingyas can destroy their land, then why NGOs, UNHCR or other organizations can not serve Bangladeshis? ”

M Shahab Uddin wrote, “This Khalil brother was a very good man and we were with Sodiya Arabia. I want to see the correct judgment. ”

Nasrul Kabir Qayem Nihad wrote, “If Rohingya were to be served properly, today the Bangladeshi is neglected.”

Jusu Cox writes, “Do this so that it does not happen anymore.”

MD Haroon wrote, “Very disgusting doctor.”



Asked about this, MSF spokesman Sajjad Hossain told a news message to “MSF is trying to know the details of the incident in detail, wherever the MSF works on the world, only the MSF treatment is given to the patient’s needs, and the nation, religion, caste, political This treatment is given regardless of the location. Since August 2007, MSF has more than 9000 bunges in Cox’s Bazar Provided medical assistance to the people of the country, MSF never deprives anyone of medical services based on nationality. “