Landmine blast killed at least 1 border

One killed in landmine blast while crossing border to Myanmar. The victim’s wife and children were injured in the incident. The incident took place at Rallai Para area of ​​Kurukpata union of Alikadam upazila of Bandarban on Wednesday night. The body of the deceased was yet to be recovered because of Durgum area. The injured were recovered from the hospital on Thursday, BGB said. The deceased was identified as Pahi Mro (45). The injured were identified as Pahai Mro’s wife Changre Mro (35) and their children Situ Mro (9), Ya Young Mro (5), Tonko Mro (3) and Tungroung Mro (2). BGB sector commander of the Colonel Colonel Iqbal Hossain said the area was very The body of the deceased was not found at night due to being inaccessible. However, the injured were brought to Kurukpata army camp and treatment was done. The Detective Commander said that some hilly families from Thanbee and Alikadam recently tried to go to Myanmar secretly crossing the border in the face of a local clerical group. However, efforts are being made to make people aware of the BGB’s side, the official said.