Five self-sufficient families on a joint poultry farm in Ukhiya

Mohammad Ibrahim Mostafa, Ukhiya ::
Laila Begum, Anwar Begum, Sakera Begum, Anwara Begum-2 and Rahima Begum, women entrepreneurs of Putibnia village in Palangkhali union of Ukhiya upazila of Cox’s Bazar, have become self-sufficient by jointly raising organic broiler chickens. Under the ICRA project, funded by IOM and funded by United Purpose, five women entrepreneurs received a total of Tk 1,750,00 at a cost of Tk 35,000.

Under the project, he received training in raising chickens in a commercial way. He started commercial farm activities with 1000 broiler chicks. For the first time they see the face of bumper gain. From there he dreams of becoming self-sufficient by running a chicken farm.

In the middle of last April, at the beginning of Ramadan, with the holy Shabe Qadr and Eid-ul-Fitr in front, the second batch started again with 1000 chicks. As a result of the hard work and scientific care of the entrepreneurs, each chicken weighs 1400-1800 grams in 27 days. By selling 140 BD Tk per kg, he made a profit of about one million BD Tk. This time too it was able to gain as expected. Thus, 5 people are working in the joint farm every day and making their living. Provides vaccines with regular biosecurity assurance to protect farms from disease.

In response to a question about the poultry system, Anwar Begum (32) said that for a long time she worked on other people’s farms for a nominal wage. I have gained some experience from there. Later, I received commercial poultry training for the benefit of the Icara project of United Purpose and got Rs. 35,000 in cash. In this way, we started a joint venture of five more broiler chickens. Each broiler has to buy 30-50 BD Tk depending on the time of the baby. It takes 25-35 days for these babies to be ready for sale. Livestock Department officials, private service providers and United Purpose staff regularly visit farms and provide all kinds of advice. Five women entrepreneurs from the same area are running their families by working more on the farm including me.

Laila Begum, 28, a woman entrepreneur, said, Now self-sufficient in poultry farms. At present, the women of the area are getting inspired by seeing our poultry farms. Already many people in Ukhiya have become enthusiastic about this business. He added that United Purpose is providing necessary training and financial assistance with the help of IOM so that women society and all unemployed people can stand on their own feet by setting up a poultry farm.

Another entrepreneur Sakera Begum (40) said, ‘At present we run our family by making poultry. There was a lack of family before working here. The family could not survive on her husband’s money alone. Now the family is doing well with the money I get from farming’.

Anwar Begum-2 (30) admitted that her fortune had changed on the farm. Now I am planning to cultivate fish by digging a pond next to it with the profit money. We would like to thank IOM and United Purpose. With their cooperation our destiny is going to change.

Rahima Begum (28) said, “Many men and women in the area are dreaming of becoming financially self-sufficient by looking at our poultry farms. “We want to set up cows, goats, ducks, chickens, cattle rearing, nakshi kantha, tailoring, handicrafts and computer training centers to take the neglected women society forward,” she added.


Upazila Livestock Officer Sahab Uddin said that, there are very few such women entrepreneurs in Ukhiya. If more entrepreneurs like Laila Begum, Anwar Begum, Sakera Begum, Anwara Begum and Rahima Begum are created, it is possible to eliminate the problem of unemployment not only in Ukhiya but also in Cox’s Bazar district and the whole country.
He further said that it is possible to become self-sufficient by farming chickens, cows and goats without running after the golden deer named Chakri. In addition to alleviating the problem of unemployment, it can be financially supported In the context of socioeconomic conditions, a woman is not just in the job market, On the contrary, being an entrepreneur can also play an important role in creating employment for others. Such an IOM-funded United Purpose initiative is an inspiring example for women in the area.