EC threatens to take legal action against voter fraud accomplices

The Election Commission, or EC, has threatened to take legal action against those involved in voter fraud after 205,000 voters with photographs were found to have registered twice.

The commission also warned all officials to stay on the alert for any cases of double counting or re-registration.

The dual registrations were caught by an automated fingerprint identification system.

The EC Secretariat has also ordered Noakhali registration officers to file cases against two locals from Hatia Upazila who attempted to register twice by providing false information.

EC Secretariat Deputy Secretary Md Abdul Halim also sent a separate letter to all relevant officials regarding the matter.

According to the Voter List Act, false voter registration carries a minimum sentence of six months in prison or at least a fine of Tk 2,000.

On Jan 31, EC acting Secretary Helaluddin Ahmed announced that the final update of the voter list counted 104,142,381 voters in Bangladesh. The number of registered voters had been 101,440,601 before the update.


The update purged 1,748,934 dead voters and 204,831 dual registration voters from the list and added 4,655,545.