Decision not to allow Rohingyas to leave the camp

The law enforcement agencies have decided not to allow the Rohingyas who have been forcibly displaced from Myanmar to take refuge in Bangladesh to leave the camps this Eid. That is why the surveillance has been intensified there now, the concerned said. Several intelligence agencies, including the RAB, have recently told higher authorities that the Rohingya will not be allowed to leave the camp area in order to maintain overall law and order and protect locals, and prevent human and drug trafficking. Apart from being involved in the conflict themselves, they are also attacking local Bangladeshis and members of the law enforcement agencies, including theft, robbery and snatching. Detectives are also concerned about militant activity in the camp area.

In addition to the local police, three units of the Armed Police Battalion (APBN), RAB, BGB and a large number of law enforcement personnel are on duty there, officials said. Even then they are involved in various criminal activities including kidnapping, drug trafficking, theft and robbery. In June alone, there were multiple abductions by Rohingya terrorists. Last June 30, the family of Habib Ullah, a local resident of Jadimura, was attacked by terrorists led by Rohingya robber Hashem Ullah. At that time, three members of Habib’s family were shot. After filing a case in the incident, the police arrested two Rohingyas Fazal Haque (50) and Hamida Khatun (25) of the same camp. They are openly threatening local Bangladeshis with robbery. He is kidnapping and demanding ransom. A police officer on duty there told the Bengali Tribune that locals were keeping vigil at night in the Jadimura area for fear of robbers.

The Dhaka Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit (CTTC) arrested three members of Ansar al-Islam from the Rampura area of ​​the capital on June 26 on charges of spreading extremism in Rohingya camps. The arrested are Syed Taymia Ibrahim alias Anwar, Maruf Chowdhury Mishu alias Farhan and Faizul Morsalin.

At a meeting of law enforcement agencies at the Home Ministry a few days ago, the RAB said that on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, the RAB would continue its round-the-clock patrol to prevent members of the Rohingya community from leaving the camp and causing problems. Intelligence surveillance will be increased.

Is there any information about the threat of terrorist activities and sabotage from the Rohingya camp area? When asked, Khandaker Al Moin, commander of the RAB’s media wing, said there was no threat. Recently, the internal conflict of Rohingyas has increased. Fighting inside the camp. They tried to rob various places outside the camp. They are trying to form a group among themselves. That is why the RAB had a suggestion that the Rohingyas should not go outside the camp.

The RAB spokesman said they could attack local Bangladeshis if they left the camp. Can steal, rob. That is why it was suggested to all the members of the law enforcement agencies, including the RAB, to take steps to prevent the Rohingyas from leaving the camp. Asked if anyone inside or outside the country had the fuel to destabilize the area, Commander Khandaker Al Moin said there was no such information. However, there may be fuel for a group of robbers in Myanmar.


Sc: banglatribune