Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf 79km road is a serious threat

Shafiq Azad, ::
Shaheed ATM Jafar Alam Arkan Road has increased the risk of increased vehicular traffic from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf. But the work of development and expansion of the road has not been extended even after a long time. Although the mentioned road was built after independence, this narrow road has been renovated at different times. But the expansion did not work. Bangladesh-Myanmar commercial agreement was executed before one era. Teknaf is built in the commercial port. As well as the construction of St Martin’s attractive tourism site, the transport of Cox’s Bazar Teknaf Road has increased. As well as to recover revenue and targets, no initiative has been taken to expand this important road.
Meanwhile, Bangladesh has run away with more than 11 lakh Rohingyas in Myanmar’s torture of Myanmar army forces. 11 million 3 thousand 292 people surveyed by international organization Registered Rohingya resides in 12 temporary camps of Ukhia-Teknaf. 16 lakh people living in these two upazilas, including local and Rohingya. Currently, the most inhabited area of ​​Bangladesh is Ukhia-Teknaf. These NGOs engaged in the supply of the Rohingyas of the oppressed, and the law enforcement agencies of the two upazilas are being used in the supervision of more than 5000 vehicles. In all, at present, in Ukhia-Teknaf every day about 10 thousand people are running, anxious anxiety of local residents of Ukhia Teknaf. Their son and daughter are facing various problems in school at the right time. Road accidents in two upazilas due to rising
Road condition: From Cox’s Bazar Link Road to Teknaf, there is no sign of holes on the road, Khanaq Kharka, very uneven road, and it is not indicated in the warning board of the Roads and Population Department. There are also several floating shop houses on the road side on the road. From 7am to 9pm, there are intense traffic congestion in more than 10 locations from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf. Among them, various areas of Mirchi, Kotbazar, Ukhia Sadar, Kutupalong, Baluchali, Thangkhali, Palangkhali, Teknaf, Hoykong, Hannila and various places of the main road.
Currently Teknaf road from Cox’s Bazar is risky. Cox’s Bazar advisors fear the number of accidents in the current monsoon season. However, due to the collision of the accident, the maintenance of the high quality of the army forces carriage keeping the road obstruction. But there is no such day that Ukhia has been caught by the small car accidents on Teknaf Road. On Monday 4 o’clock on the main road of Ukhia-Teknaf, a freight cargo van turned over on the street in the New Forrest Office area due to the movement of the vehicle was closed for about 3 hours. During this time hundreds of vehicles from both sides were trapped.
Asked about this, Upazila Nirbahi Officer Mohammad Nikaruzzaman Chowdhury told that the administration’s people are working round the road to solve traffic congestion. There are also several important points given to traffic police. In some places, the road has been expanded on two sides. And he said that road development and renovation work will be implemented in a phased manner,