Coronavirus: Edu institutions to remain open

The Ministry of Education has not yet made any decision on the closure of educational institutions over coronavirus issue. As a result, the activities of the educational institutions will continue. 

Mohammad Abul Khair, information officer of the Ministry of Education, told the matter on Tuesday.

He said no decision has yet been taken to close the educational institute. But there is a rumor circulating that the institution has been shut down. “The ministry is requesting not to be confused on this issue.”

He added that the Ministry of Education has been in constant touch with IEDCR. “The decision will be made on the basis of expert opinion.”

IEDCR has recently identified three patients — one female and two male, of them two are Italy-returnee and aged between 20-35 years — with coronavirus in Bangladesh


There was a nationwide discussion on whether to temporarily shut down the educational institutions to cope with this situation.