Camp lockdown of Rohingya patient identified as Corona

A blockade has been imposed on a refugee camp in Nurul Alam, a Rohingya (forcibly displaced Myanmar nation) who was diagnosed with the corona virus on Thursday (May 14th). The camp is in the F block on the west side of Camp No. 1 in Lombok. There are 1275 houses in this block. Where thousands of Rohingya refugees live. On Friday morning, March 15, a team led by the camp in-charge locked down the said block of the camp.

Cox’s Bazar RRRC office health coordinator said. Abu Toha MR Bhuiyan confirmed.

Meanwhile, the Rohingya Corona patient was taken to BRAC’s Isolation Hospital in the western block of Camp No. 2 on Thursday night. He is being treated there. However, the patient’s physical condition is good. At the same time, six more Rohingya refugees who came in direct contact with the only corona patient in the Rohingya camp were brought to the same hospital on Thursday night for medical treatment, said Dr. RRRC office health coordinator. Abu Toha MR Bhuiyan.


He added that the family members of the corona patient and all those who came in contact with them have been identified and kept in quarantine. Their body samples were collected on Friday, May 15 and sent to Cox’s Bazar Medical College’s lab for tests, said health coordinator Dr. Abu Toha MR Bhuiyan.