Ayesaha Minni’s prayer rejected by the High Court

The High Court dismissed the petition filed by Ayesha Siddiqua Minni for cancelling a case against her in the much discussed Barguna’s Rifat Sharif murder case.

On Tuesday (Jan. 21), a bench of the High Court comprising Justice AKM Asaduzzaman and Justice SM Mojibur Rahman dismissed the petition as it was not placed.

The High Court issued the order in response to a petition filed by Aisha Siddika Minni’s lawyer.

Advocates Zin Khan Panna and Makkia Fatima Islam attended the hearing on behalf of Minni. The prosecutor was the deputy attorney general, FR Khan.

Minni’s lawyer Makkia Fatema Islam said that in the current week the Rifat Sharif murder case has started hearing. Minni applied so that her name is canceled. According to the petition, the testimony of the case has already started. The court therefore dismissed the application.

Deputy Attorney General FR Khan said in his hearing that there are seventy six witnesses in the case. Already 16 witnesses have testified.


It is to be noted that Rifat Sharif was publicly beaten and killed in front of Barguna Government College at around 9 am on June 26 last. The video, which went viral on Facebook, triggered widespread tensions in the country. In this case, Rifat’s father Abdul Halim Dulal Sharif filed a case against the accused by mentioning the names of 12 people. Though Ayesha Siddika Minni was arrested in the case but she is currently on bail.