Attempts of further Rohingya infiltration in Ukhiya

More than 150 Rohingyas are waiting at the Ukhiya Palangkhali border in Cox’s Bazar to infiltrate into Bangladesh from Myanmar.

Sultan Ahmad, a UP member of Palangkhali Anjumanpara under Ukhiya on Thursday (April 9) at around 11-30 pm told that they were informed by a government border agency at night that some Rohingyas might try to cross the border. On receiving such news people have been alerted from some mosques in the area through miking.

He said some people from the area were staying in the Pishakhali area of the border. Something is certain that the terrorist group led by Nabi Hossain is trying to bring them to Bangladesh. But we are in a cautious situation. No Rohingya will be allowed to enter during coronavirus crisis. It is also reported that many of them are suffering from corona disease.

However, Cox’s Bazaar 34 BGB Commander Lt. Colonel Ali Haider Azad Ahmed told that no one has tried to infiltrate till now. We have increased the patrol. We have also increased the manpower on the border.


It is to be noted that Rohingyas entered Bangladesh after August 25, 2017 through the Anhumanpara border of Ukhiya. They are now in the Ukhiya Rohingya camp. Currently, more than 11 lakh Rohingyas live in Cox’s Bazaar.