An open letter to host community population by the Rohingya youth in Cox’s Bazar

Dear Bangladeshi brothers and sisters,
Peace be upon you. Since August 2017 and beyond, you are generously proving us shelters, selflessly sharing your foods and services to the Rohingya people, who have fled Myanmar for saving lives. Government of Bangladesh, Army and security forces working for us tirelessly to ensure security and wellbeing of Rohingya. Recently Bangladesh government has emerged as an ultimate spokesperson for the Rohingya the world for our justice, right and dignified repatriation. We would like to express our heartiest gratitude and thanks for your cordial and continuous support.

While Bangladesh and world are going through a difficult era of Covid-19 epidemic, the unexpected violence and conflict in the Rohingya camps has made upset and disturb the Bangladeshi people and government. Many innocent people lost their life under the unrest. We ordinary Rohingya are disappointed and deeply sorry for your inconvenience. We strongly condemn all injustice, terrorism and violence. We express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Government of Bangladesh for its active role to protect Rohingya and Bangladeshi citizen from insecurity and greater harm. We are immensely satisfied with your sincere and effective actions.

Dear humanitarian host community,
You know that in every society there are good people as well as some bad people. The Rohingya community is no exception to that. Bangladeshi host people are facing many difficulties due to disputes among Rohingya. We can understand your pain and fear. Therefore, our humble inquisition is, due to misdeed of few bad people, should we hate the whole people of the community? By expressing heartrate, anger, discrimination towards innocent Rohingya, will there be any peace? Is there any alternative to work together to suppress conflicts, eradicating terrorism and establishing peace? Hate, violence, strife and blaming innocent people can never solve violence, instability and conflict. Please believe that more than 99% of Rohingya people are peace loving and they are fighting constantly to expel these miscreants. Bangladeshi and Rohingya must work together to rebuild a peaceful environment in the camps and beyond.

O dear Bangladeshi peace loving friends,
Once, Martin Luther King, Jr. said that “Darkness can never drive out darkness, only light can do that; Hate can never drive hatred away, only love can do that”. We want to encourage everyone to choose paths of mutual respect, love and wisdom for peace instead of hatred, resentment and discrimination. Solidarity, harmony and unity between the communities are extremely required to maintain peace and prosperity. In such way, we hope to eradicate terrorism, violence and unrest from our society. It is time to start inter-community communication and talk with determination and generosity for a solution. It is time to get to know each other more for peace than holding animosity inside. Silently blaming each other is our biggest failure. Thus we will never be able to embrace peace.

Bangladeshis around the world are admired for their generosity and love for the Rohingya. You are an example of human love. Your love, generosity and cooperation will not only bring peace to the camp but will also one day help in peaceful repatriation to Myanmar.


A conscious Rohingya youth in Cox’s Bazar camps.