8 in the 9th year of UkhiyaNews.com

Abdullah Al Aziz,UkhiyaNews.com::
Today, on September 11, 8, the 9th year, the popular online news portal of Cox’s Bazar district, UkhiyaNews.com, The promise of continuing with the accuracy and objectivity of the news has taken UkhiyaNews.com to a unique height.

This online News portal has created a place of confidence by publishing the “right” news in the reader’s responsibilities and the correspondence of responsible journalists. The company started its journey in 2011.

UkhiyaNews.com is not like a traditional online portal, it is a multimedia. In addition to news, as well as presentation of necessary audio-video, the company promotes important issues on Facebook Live without regular news.

About the aim and purpose of the organization, Obaidul Huq Chowdhury said, “In eight years, 8 year old Ukhiya News.com has reached. Hope so far in your love On the eve of the 9th year, flowers are best for everyone. The reader will be able to say what UkhiyaNews.com has tried to do in this 8 years. However, we have tried, not to resort to any person or organization, to present objective news. We have tried to present the correct news. “He further said, ‘UkhiyaNews has tried to not allow any illogical, immoral request to touch at this time. We will be more interested in information that is accurate. We are not influenced by any fak news. ‘

President of ukhiya Press Club and Executive Editor of UkhiyaNews.com, Sarwar Alam Shahin, greeted this birthday and said, ‘8 years is very short. Again move on to the responsibility. Let’s say all the words in his short words that UkhiyaNews.com should be steadfast. At the same time, the morality of genuine journalism is firmly established. “He also said,” Whether it is good news or bad news, do not present it without confirmation – it will fight in the way of keeping the policy that the workers, the future of the media will be in their hands. ”


UkhiyaNews.com’s news editor Faruq Ahmed said, “It is proved to be the ability of a news portal to pay 9 years in 8 years,” said UkhiyaNews.com. Because, they maintain the accuracy and objectivity of the news. UkhiyaNews.com will continue this trend.